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Version Released

This is a minor release to correct a few minor errors

  • Fixed a non startup issue becuase of resource files issues
  • Minor improvements to the GUI
  • Merge now occurs automatically and does not need to be selected by the user. ( Still some issues with Audio Sync )
  • Option added to perform a merge operation only.

Version Released

The following was added

  • Minor Layout Changes  
  • Fixed issue where on completion the button was staying red
  • Added Delete of output file if it exists before encoding starts
  • Added a Menu Bar to the application
  • Added Localization for German and English with an option to select via the menu (restart required )
  • Added an About Dialog
  • Added Exit to main menu bar

Version Released

This is a minor release which adds the features shown below

  • Added a file count in the source dialog
  • Added MTS and M2TS File input formats
  • Allow supported types to be loaded externally by the user in the application properties config file
  • Added a Message box to warn the user that the User Presets could not be loaded.
  • Added logging using Log4Net to the application
  • Added the ability to merge the processed file into a single MP4 file with filename Output.mp4
  • Added a clear option on the Results view
  • Update to .NET Version 4.0.   ( User prompted automatically to upgrade )

Please let me know if you detect any issues with this release 

Version Released

Version 2 Coming Soon

Thanks to the work of a new developer, now coordinator on the project SwissSteve, version 2.0 will be pushed out very soon. He has already released the source code and is actively developing it at this time for the coming release.

The following are a list of improvements over the previous version that he has implemented:

  • Migrated the project to Visual Studio C# Express 2010.
  • Added verify files/folders before running the CLI (verify the input is good before passing this to the handbrake cli)
  • Added the ability to cancel encoding in-between and during individual files.
  • Added delete key event handler for list of video files
  • Added the ability to select from the HandBrake presets
  • Added Create / Deletion of custom presets
  • Added a Clone option for presets
  • Added the ability to save the output in the same directory as the input source
  • Added a new tab to show the output from the application as it is processing and disabled the shell dialog. All runs within the one application now
  • Added a free icon to the application

You can follow the progress of this release in the discussion thread here: Changes Needed for next release. V 2.0

HB Batch Encoder Mk 2 v1.01

This is a video batch converter GUI that uses the HandBrake command line interface "cli". It should be able to convert multiple video types from a source folder and save them to a destination folder as a single output file type.

This Program was adapted from an original project downloaded from codeplex by the name of "Handbrake Batch Encoder"
(, and authored by the username "buzzby". After attempting to contact the
original author to submit code changes, and being unable to do so, I assume that the original project is dead.
Because of this I have started a new project on codeplex for this new project "Handbrake Batch Encoder Mk II".
I am not a programmer, just a hobbyist who has done some basic programming in the past and needed this program
for myself and wanted to see the project advance.

The following changes have been made: v1.01
Added support for file types other than avi/m4v in/out which was the only types supported by the original.
These include the following: mkv, mp4, m4v, flv and ts
Added ability to remember previous settings automatically: Input/Output folder locations, Handbrake CLI program
location, the handbrake query string, and the check state of the "include sub directory check box".
Added use of windows file selection dialog to select folder locations because it is easier to navigate. Previously
used folder selection dialogs.
User no longer has to manually remove the -i and -o sections of the query generated by the hanbrake gui.
User no longer has to remove a trailing "\" from the destination directory if it is present.
Added some basic error handling for input/output paths but still needs more work.

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