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Thanks to the work of a new developer now coordinator on the project SwissSteve, version 2.0 will be pushed out very soon.  He has already released the source code and is actively developing it at this time for the coming release. 

The following are a list of improvements over the previous version that he has implemented:

  • Migrated the project to Visual Studio C# Express 2010.
  • Added verify files/folders before running the CLI (verify the input is good before passing this to the handbrake cli)
  • Added the ability to cancel encoding in-between and during individual files.
  • Added delete key event handler for list of video files
  • Added the ability to select from the HandBrake presets
  • Added Create / Deletion of custom presets
  • Added a Clone option for presets
  • Added the ability to save the output in the same directory as the input source
  • Added a new tab to show the output from the application as it is processing and disabled the shell dialog.   All runs within the one application now
  • Added a free icon to the application

You can follow the progress of this release in the discussion thread here: Changes Needed for next release. V 2.0

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