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Windows 8 cant find presets


After installing all files (and run the Handbrake GUI), it keep saying it cant locate the presets of Handbrake.

The files itself are there (same location as Win7), i've even copied it to several locations for it to understand.

Now i read through the feature requests earlier, why made it into a 'auto search' thing and unable to manualy point it to the file?

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strandloper wrote Aug 24, 2014 at 3:01 PM

The problem is not one of locating the files. As I'm familiar with .Net I was able to download the source code to debug the problem. The app is correctly finding and reading the presets.xml file but is then attempting to extract a Name and Query property from each preset in the file. It fails to do so because the Preset elements in the file don't contain Query elements. Presumably Handrake has changed the format of the file so it is no longer compatible. I have the 64-bit version of Handrake and its check for update function says there is no later version. I'm trying to dig further for a solution.

irq7 wrote Feb 26, 2015 at 3:15 PM

It looks like, from a quick examination that Handbrake moved from having all the CLI options in one property (Query) to breaking them down into multiple tags under the parent tag Task. In the near term, you could figure out how to convert those tags back into a command line and edit the file to add them as the Query property in each preset (or each one you care about). Though make a backup copy before you start and save one when you are done since updates to Handbrake and the presets could wipe out/break this fix.

Long term, someone has to add the parsing and interpretation of the that Task tag and it's properties to HBE Mk2... A shame. I just found this to help me re-convert a batch of files I had and it looks like every HandBrake batch processor for Windows is broken or abandoned. Bummer. I might have time to hack together a fix but I haven't done .NET and I'm not sure what compilers/IDEs (especially free compilers) are out there to let me have a go at it.

irq7 wrote Feb 26, 2015 at 5:17 PM

Here is a copy of the latest presets with the query line restored. I created a job of each profile type and copied the relevant part of the query line from that into the XML. Seems to work for now - or at least until someone can fix HBE Mk2 the "right" way to parse the XML.